Few years ago, i put pen to paper as i began to ponder the imperfections of christian women seen by others as perfect. I wondered the weight of grief and despair when they made mistakes considered morally unacceptable and remained silent for fear of condemnation. Who does the woman tagged by society as “virtuous” turn to when she finds herself in the middle of an adulterous affair? When the Sunday school teacher becomes pregnant out of wedlock, who does she turn to? What becomes of the choir leader who cannot come out of the sin of fornication? Who do these women turn to when the church frowns on such conduct? It is only our father in heaven who listens and does not tell, he is that safe place where shocking confessions are uttered without condemnation. I delve into the lives of different christian women confronted with different issues of life as they all come to a place of intimate conversations in prayer. Though targeted at christian women, other women who do not mind that  I come from a Christian  perspective are also welcome.

I will love to hear from women who made mistakes at a point in their christian walk and for fear of condemnation  suffered in silence.

Men who can relate to these issues are also encouraged to visit this blog.



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